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A Snowbird Checklist - Must Know Investor Insights

Heading south this winter? While many planning efforts are focused on setting up tee times, updating travel insurance and protecting houses before leaving, one important consideration should be ensuring your estate plan is in good order....

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OPEC predicting oil shortages – what does this mean for your portfolio?

Badger Investment Group will be hosting an informational seminar on investing in the energy sector. Each presenter will give a detailed outlook on the energy industry and their view on what to expect moving forward....

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Helping Seniors with Cybersecurity

According to a recent poll, while 42 percent of seniors own a smartphone, only 26 percent feel “very confident” when using computers and mobile devices. Yet, the outcome is most often the same: a significant amount of money is lost....

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Tax Implications of Selling Your Business

Understanding the tax implications before any sale process can help to achieve the best outcome. While many non-tax factors will influence the decision, the tax implications may be an essential motivator. Financial & retirement planning!...

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BIG Market Update & ESG Investing

The stock market has yet to have a formal correction all year, and many strategists are now calling for one. Click here to read more!...

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Business Owners: Your Most Valuable Asset is...? You!

One of the most valuable business assets for many business owners is the business owner themselves: their ability to work, generate income, and contribute to the business....

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10 Reasons to Stop Putting Off Your Estate Planning

How to tell a good Estate Plan from a bad one! Click below to read more about why an Estate Plan is a vital part of your financial plan....

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Invest in your future, things you must know about RRSP & TFSA accounts

Important information everyone should know about Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) accounts!...

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The Delta Variant - What to Expect?

Few companies are keeping the S&P 500 at near-record highs due to investors' concentration in the mega-cap secular growth names. These holdings fuel the performance while most other stocks within are telling a different story....

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