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Thinking about your financial future can be overwhelming. The good news: we have a plan!

We believe that the creation and preservation of wealth are achieved through an ongoing process. Our process, individualized for each client, is rooted in goals-based financial planning integrated with investment strategies aligned with a client's values and objectives.

At BIG, financial planning is the basis for sound investment management. No architect would bring building blueprints to the first meeting with a client, and neither do we. We have no preconceptions about how we will advise you until we have completed a process of mutual discovery.

financial planning edmonton The Financial Plan - A Valuable Road Map

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The Value of a Financial Planner

According to the Financial Planning Standards Council (FPSC), 81% of Canadians with comprehensive financial plans feel on track with their financial affairs, versus 73% with limited planning and 44% with no planning.

In addition to giving you peace of mind, a comprehensive financial plan allows you to:

• Clarify your goals You may have some sense of what you want to achieve for yourself and your family, but a comprehensive plan can help to make your financial objectives actionable and measurable, allowing you to track your progress in a meaningful way.

• Gain a comprehensive view A cohesive plan gives you a consolidated view of your financial life, allowing for greater control and more efficiency.

• Identify opportunities With the full view of your financial picture, your advisor can work with you to mitigate tax and find efficiencies within your plan.

• Follow detailed steps toward your goals – A financial plan provides you with a detailed road map, with logical steps to follow, to bring your objectives within reach. Along the way, your Investment Advisor will work with you and your network of professionals to implement your plan of action.


Comprehensive financial planning

Our comprehensive planning service includes a complete financial plan providing optimization strategies covering all areas of planning as follows: cash flow and debt management, including allocation of the projected surplus, tax planning including strategy development for income splitting, stock option management, tax deferral and international concerns, financial independence/retirement planning, investment planning strategy and review, risk management and insurance (sufficiency of risk coverage plus a review of product options), estate planning including tax planning at death and review of wills and power of attorneys and capital needs and special commitments: education funding, business interests, second property purchase, charitable gifts, etc.

After completing the plan, we develop a detailed time-sensitive Action Plan (what should be done, by whom, by what date, for what financial reason) and assist with the ongoing implementation of the Action Plan.

Badger Investment Group solves your unique financial needs by providing a best-in-class, custom and holistic financial planning and wealth management approach! 


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Our Planning Process

Step 1: Discovery Meeting

At our initial meeting, we work with you to understand what is important to you and your family. We undertake a detailed discovery process to gather all the necessary information about you, your family, and your financial goals, concerns and questions.

Step 2: Presentation

Using the information from our discovery meeting, we put together your initial financial plan with recommendations that we can then use as a roadmap. In this meeting, we present the plan to you, evaluate different scenarios and determine which path works best for you. Sometimes this step can take a few meetings as we evaluate different financial scenarios to determine the best course of action for you.

Step 3: Implementation

Once your plan is in place, we work with the appropriate professionals – like your accountants and lawyers – to help implement the recommendations in the plan and ensure that all of the appropriate steps are taken.

Step 4: Monitoring

Financial planning is not a one-time event; it is an ongoing, evolving process that should be updated and reviewed regularly. Together, we continue to monitor your financial plan each year, and to revise it as your financial and family circumstances change.

If you and your family can benefit from a comprehensive financial plan to bring your goals within reach, schedule a FREE meeting today.

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