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Managing Life's Risks

We provide specialized expertise and insurance strategies for business owners, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, high net worth families and professional athletes. We help clients with unique insurance products and comprehensive estate planning solutions. Our team of experts works with clients to craft custom insurance, benefit and business planning portfolios to preserve and transfer wealth on a tax-advantaged basis.

We are entering a new and unprecedented era of global family wealth transfers and giving against the backdrop of rising wealth. We understand that individuals and families need to prepare for the risks accompanying this mass changing of wealth. Our experience working with wealthy multi-generational families and businesses results in a process that clients can rely on for their wealth planning solutions. This focus and a belief that the insurance professional should be a trusted advisor on a professional advisory team allows us to serve clients in the best multi-disciplined approach possible.


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With every stage of life comes a need to review your insurance plan; we have four core pillars:

Life insurance

Proper life insurance protection is an essential part of a sound financial plan. With every stage of life comes a need to review your insurance plan. Benefits of life insurance include:

  • Most insurance products offer creditor protection
  • Can protect your family against sudden illness
  • Provides an important part of your estate planning

Critical illness

A critical illness protection plan is a comprehensive insurance product that protects you from the financial burdens that a severe illness can cause.

It's a living benefit that pays a lump sum amount to you as the policy owner (not your dependents) based on your survival of a critical illness. When we think of insurance, the term "Life Insurance" can be confusing. In reality, Life Insurance is actually death insurance. It pays a beneficiary upon your death. Critical Illness insurance, on the other hand, is life insurance. It pays you benefits when you need help.

The product is designed to protect you, your family and/or business in the event of a critical illness and assist with your physical and financial recovery. It ensures you maintain a quality of life and promotes independent living.

Mortgage life insurance

Your home is a source of pride and security. There's no place where your family feels more protected and comfortable. But consider what might happen if you were to die suddenly. Are you confident your home would continue to be a place of refuge for your loved ones? Could they afford the mortgage payments without your income? Is there a possibility they would be forced to sell and move elsewhere?

You can safeguard your family home with Mortgage Life Insurance. A Mortgage Life Insurance policy offers flexible, low-cost coverage. It will give you peace of mind that your loved ones will always be protected and safe in their home.

Disability insurance

Disability insurance provides you with continued income when an accident or illness causes you to be disabled and unable to work or earn an income.

The chances of you being disabled for more than 90 days at some point in your life may be much higher than you expect. Income Replacement Insurance helps ensure that your finances are not in jeopardy when faced with a disability.

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