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BIG plans for your family's future

Success and wealth are thought to be the ultimate rewards for hard work – the things that bring
comfort and joy to families. Many times the exact opposite is true. Parents work hard to
provide a solid foundation for their children’s future, hoping that their hard work ethic,
understanding, and respect for earned wealth will rub off.  Unfortunately, hope is not
enough when children are growing up with wealth that they have not earned.

And few lessons, if any, about money have often been passed on.
Our goal is to help every family we work with discover what’s most important to them,
identify their potential and develop and implement a well-thought-out legacy strategy
that is aligned with their core values – a strategy that will help them face anything
that challenges their success. that’s BIG thinking.

How do we do that?

It starts with straight talk. We interview every family member to understand each
person’s perspective and collectively develop a well-rounded view of their goals.
In every case, our objective is to eliminate friction, resistance and inaction by achieving
alignment within the family – creating compassionate, emotional relationships that
thrive through the pursuit of common goals.

We realize no two situations are the same, and by helping clients identify and articulate
their aspirations, we develop a plan to set them up for generational success. After all, that’s
why it’s called succession planning. The bottom line is…we think wealth only has value when
it helps you achieve what matters most.


How it works?

You should have peace of mind that your wealth and guiding principles will be passed 
through many generations to come.

We get you there with unbiased advice that helps you organize all your estate-related plans,
communicate your wishes to your family, and develop a strategy that incorporates your
vision, values, and beliefs.


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Get your estate in order and family aligned

It’s never too late to get your estate in order, so you and your family are aligned for a smooth transition of wealth. We also review your existing tax plan, will, and financial plan to ensure they’re working together.


of wealthy families lose their wealth by the second generation.

Develop a straightforward legacy plan going beyond wealth

Our holistic, bottom-up approach ensures your vision, values, beliefs, and goals are at the core of your ever-evolving estate and legacy plan, creating greater harmony and prosperity for generations to come.


of adult Canadians don’t have a will in place.

Build a meaningful and lasting legacy

Staying on top of your goals and priorities leads to an estate and legacy plan that acts as a roadmap for future generations, ensuring they use your wealth wisely and carry forward your positive impact.


of Canadians do not have life insurance through their employer or group.

Legacy Resources

We have curated resources to inform and guide you along the path of financial freedom. Please fill out the form below if you have any questions or would like to receive insights relating to specific categories.