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A mindful approach to multi-generational financial advisory

BIG provides high-net-worth individuals integrated private wealth management solutions and leading-edge investment strategies. Whether you want to define your investment options or implement a custom solution, we are built to serve your needs. To maximize the growth of your wealth, numerous decisions can be made concerning asset allocation strategy, diversification, investment manager selection, individual security selection, portfolio rebalancing and tax efficiency. Our holistic approach goes beyond simple investment advice; it covers all financial areas: private wealth management, asset management, portfolio management, and family office management.

BIG offers a level of alignment and personalized service that extends beyond a traditional wealth advisory relationship. All great relationships are built on trust. We know that when it comes to finding a partner to help you manage your wealth, your decision is as personal as it is financial. Our team of talented, dedicated professionals bring an unwavering commitment to customer service, ensuring our clients receive the care, attention and expertise they deserve.

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Our portfolio management approach

Our first task is to ensure that we understand your personal and financial objectives; then, we create a sophisticated financial plan that integrates everything from tax planning and risk management to your investment portfolio and estate wishes

As a baseline, BIG has five different investment objectives: conservative, income-producing, balanced, growth, and high growth. We use these as a baseline and then build a customized portfolio for each client.

Conservative portfolio

Retirees often make up a large percentage of conservative portfolio investors. Personal financial planning for this type of investor aims at preserving their capital and investing in fixed-income securities with the goal of minimum volatility. Wealth management firms and independent financial advisors in Edmonton can protect their client’s invested capital by constructing someone’s portfolio with low-risk solutions. People who fall into this category will be risk-averse investors with a low tolerance for risk. Fixed income and alternative securities that have a low correlation with the equity market, such as government bonds, treasury bills and REITs, could be suggestions that make up a large percentage of your investment portfolio. 

Income portfolio

If you are an income investor, you want to preserve your capital or establish a source of periodic income to finance ongoing expenses or your retirement. You do not find the stock market very attractive because of the volatility, but you are not against the idea of investing a portion of your portfolio in quality stocks that have a high dividend yield - both trailing and forward yield. Fixed income and alternative investments will constitute a substantial portion of your portfolio due to the lower volatility. The main objective of your portfolio will be to supplement expenses with income-yielding holdings. 

Balanced portfolio

This type of portfolio has an equal balance approach of achieving growth in your investments and receiving income. The balanced wealth portfolios will be invested in multiple asset classes with securities held within each asset class. The asset classes in question are stocks, bonds, cash, preferred shares and real estate. Within each asset class, several securities should be held to provide sufficient diversification. The balanced investor aims for a better return than income and conservative investors but has a moderate risk tolerance level. Overall, this investor hedges some exposure to the stock market's volatility by investing in fixed-income securities.

Growth portfolio

The main goal is capital growth. This type of investor has a longer time frame to invest in the market and wants their investments to provide income from the capital gains. Although you can tolerate greater volatility to increase the value of your assets, you are not prepared to invest your entire portfolio in stocks and equities. Your risk tolerance is high. This type of portfolio focuses on large market cap companies. The investor believes that over time markets like the S&P 500, S&P/TSX Composite and NASDAQ will continue to grow over the long-term horizon. 

High growth portfolio

This investor has a higher risk tolerance and may choose to invest in venture capital and private equity investments. High growth investors want to maximize the eventual return on their capital by investing all or most of their portfolios in the stock market. From the inception of the financial investment markets to this present day, when you compare two investors, one that is conservative and one that is considered high growth, you will notice over time, the high growth investor gained a much greater return than the conservative investor but has experienced much greater volatility in their portfolio. 

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Fee-based compensation

As a fee-based private wealth management firm, the value we offer entails more than just investment advice. Our advice is a result of deep relationships, holistic planning, and our commitment to a high level of service. We focus on providing a superior wealth management experience by creating a sophisticated plan that brings all the disparate parts of your financial life together.

Our fiduciary duty

At Badger Investment Group, we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standard of a fiduciary – one who is entrusted to manage and protect our clients’ investments and best interests. We place our client's interest above our own, dealing fairly, honestly, and in good faith. When all is said and done, we go much beyond any legal or moral obligation - it's simply the right thing to do.

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Trust & transparency 

Our fee-based services are designed with our client's best interests in mind. There will never be hidden fees!

Investing beside you

Badger Investment Group advisors invest alongside our clients in the investment opportunities we recommend.

Communication & reporting

Your advisor is always available, ready to help and keep you informed.

Our Wealth Management and Financial Advisor Value Proposition

Have you worked with a financial advisor before and had a frustrating experience? Do you feel as if your current financial plan does not align with future objectives? Do you have any pressing financial concerns? Are you looking for a comprehensive performance and risk analysis of your investment portfolio? Do you want to get a second opinion on your current portfolio for peace of mind?

At BIG, we use one of the investment industry's most comprehensive performance tools called Zephyr. This program provides people with detailed performance and risk analysis, peer group analysis, style attribution, asset allocation and custom reporting. Using this comprehensive tool, we will create a customized report based on your current portfolio and provide you with a detailed risk and return assessment. Following our analysis and debrief of your portfolio, if we find red flags, we will provide you with a BIG tailormade alternative portfolio with a side-by-side analysis of why we believe our solution will better match your investment objectives.

We would be happy to offer this no-obligation portfolio review process to you today - and the best part is, the worst news you will receive is that your existing portfolio is thoughtfully constructed and seems to be a good fit with your current objectives!

Access the Value of an Expert Second Opinion

Schedule a complimentary no-obligation financial consultation with our team.