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A mindful approach to multi-generational wealth advisory

BIG provides high net worth individuals integrated private wealth management solutions and leading-edge investment strategies. Whether you want to define your investment options or implement a custom solution, we are built to serve your needs. To maximize the growth of your wealth, numerous decisions can be made concerning asset allocation strategy, diversification, investment manager selection, individual security selection, portfolio rebalancing and tax efficiency. Our holistic approach goes beyond simple investment advice; it covers all financial areas: private wealth management, asset management, portfolio management, and family office management.

BIG offers a level of alignment and personalized service that extends beyond a traditional wealth advisory relationship. All great relationships are built on trust. We know that when it comes to finding a partner to help you manage your wealth, your decision is as personal as it is financial. Our team of talented, dedicated professionals bring an unwavering commitment to customer service, ensuring our clients receive the care, attention and expertise they deserve.

Our service begins with a detailed analysis of plan investments that extends beyond mere performance to include multiple criteria such as: peer group rankings, downside risk measurements, style analysis and more. This analysis is designed to identify skillful investment managers and preserve plan assets. We have the capability to create custom investment reviews specifically tailored to meet the needs of your Family. In addition, we will review the design of your plan to ensure it meets the objectives of your Family and make recommendations for plan design improvements. For a FREE portfolio review, schedule a meeting today!

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It is our vision to change the world through helping families realize multi-generational success. Get in touch with us today to take the first step.